There is a change in the investment research landscape that I have observed.  As an asset manager, you might have noticed this too…


Management meetings are becoming highly coveted events.


If they are incremental to your investment process, check out these modern rules that I’ve put together to help you land more management meetings.  Thanks to the many portfolio managers and corporate access teams for your feedback.


  • Do a call with Investor Relations first

If you find yourself getting pushed back on meetings, it could be due to a lack of transparency.  Investor Relations (IR) teams are gatekeepers to management; and with the complexity of MIFID II, only the transparent may be able to cross the holy grail.


  • Give details on AUM

Tell them what percentage of your AUM is in specific regions.  Break it down again by sectors. This helps give some color around the geographical focus of your firm.


  • Share peers you currently own

IR wants to know that you are seriously considering a position in their firm (though I understand this may not always be the case).  If you own their peers, it can put the odds of a meeting in your favor.


  • Provide a bio of the person meeting with management

Be human.  IR wants to know who is sitting across the table.  Providing a bio or summary of the person attending the meeting would be helpful.


  • Share your general holding period

This is a tricky subject as not all Portfolio Managers are interested in holding long positions.  One tip is to also show IR how you can be a resource to them in the bear case.


  • Number of times met

If you (or your firm) met with management in the past, it would be helpful to let IR know.  This helps solidify your interest.


  • Number of PMs involved

For multi-manager firms, having IR understand that more than one Portfolio Manager may be involved is helpful.


  • Give feedback

This is well-intentioned by many Portfolio Managers but, not executed by most.  If you want to stand out, consider setting a reminder on your calendar to reach out to IR the day after you meet with management.  Send a few lines of feedback on the meeting you [both] worked so hard to get.  Leaving feedback also serves as a tool to help you complete the broker vote.


Arming Investor Relations teams with information prior to meetings will help you land those corporate access seats.  And since you’ve worked so hard to obtain them, remember to always show up prepared.

May the force be with you.