Research Providers

You Have Valuable Research to Show to the Right People.

We’ve been looking for each other. Nice to Meet You.


We provide a network, and you do the rest. There are no commission costs, no sign-up fees, and no hassle over payments.


We value great research and believe in collaboration. That’s why we designed a platform where you pay only $100 for every bid, every time.


We ensure that all asset managers in our network pass our evaluation. You don’t want your research diluted through wide distribution channels, and neither do we.

Who Are We?

Simply stated, we are your foot-in-the-door to meet the asset managers who need the best information that you happen to provide. You get a FREE platform where your profile is seen by the eyes of the brightest asset managers.

Why Join Us?

You get FREE marketing and the opportunity to showcase your expertise to asset managers if you qualify to join our platform. We take time to understand your business, and ensure your value proposition is clearly communicated.  We are research advocates who don’t accept commissions from research sold on our platform. Best of all? You only pay $100 per bid—every time you bid.

Who Are You?

You are a research provider who has the best answers in your niche. You have an impressive portfolio, a competitive edge in the market, and specialized or subscription research to offer asset managers.  You are ready to join a platform that provides a roadmap on HOW you can service your clients.

A Neutral Platform to Level the Playing Field.

Do you want to join a network where you can stand out from your competition by highlighting your expertise? Our unbiased, neutral platform means you always have an equal chance to win an asset manager’s project. May the best provider win!

Prove your true potential with our platform.

Want a chance to show off your strengths? Create an elaborate profile. Submit white papers and articles to our Differentiated Digest. Submit bids to custom research requests as you get instant notifications. No more getting lost in the shuffle!  What are you waiting for?  Get started!