What is bespoke?

We consider any research request that is not covered in your standard subscription service bespoke.  This may include meetings with management teams (corporate access), industry deep dives, forecasts, valuations, etc.  Possibilities here are endless.

How do you join Differentiated Research?

Clients register to indicate interest in becoming part of the Differentiated Research movement.  Post registration, a member of our Business Development team will follow up to complete the on-boarding process.  All users are required to sign and accept comprehensive Differentiated Research user agreements before gaining access to the platform.

Providers register to be evaluated as a fit for our platform.  Once registration is submitted, a member of our Business Development team will make contact to begin the verification and approval process.  We seek to fully understand your edge, assist you in building a great profile from the start.

Who uses Differentiated Research?

Differentiated Research users fall into two categories: 1. Clients and 2. Providers.

  1. Clients pay a subscription fee to access Differentiated Research Providers and the Discreet Bespoke Bid platform. Asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, fund managers and family offices are all examples of our clients.
  2. Providers pay only as they place bids in response to bespoke projects.  Bids are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Number of bids accepted depends largely on preferences set by the asset manager.
Are we MiFid II Compliant?

Yes.  By offering a platform in which asset managers and providers agree upon research pricing, we are a MiFid II compliant solution.

How does the ‘no hassle’ payments work?

We are not involved in the business dealings between clients and providers.  In most cases, our clients are already paying to receive research from providers.  We do not interfere with payment methods or negotiate pricing, but rather provide a solution where clients may objectively decide who should win their project.  If special payment arrangements are required, they occur directly between client and provider.

What is the evaluation process for Differentiated Providers?

Differentiated Providers undergo a formal application process in which work and industry experience is verified. Providers are required to sign and accept our comprehensive user agreements which cover legal and compliance conduct.

What software requirements are needed to access the platform?

Access to the web is all you need to enter the Differentiated Research platform. The Differentiated Research website is available on desktop or mobile device.

What kind of providers can be found through Differentiated Research? Does it include data analytics providers?

Any provider that offers tailored responses to bespoke projects (ie. Research, Meetings, Data Analytics, Systems, etc.) requested by asset managers can be found on the Differentiated Research platform.

How long does my discreet bespoke bid (DBB) request stay open?

We don’t have a hard timeframe here.  But providers are aware that we accept responses from the market on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Turnaround depends largely on the level of complexity of your request.

What if I do not care to work with any of the providers who submitted responses?

No problem! Our goal is to make sure you are working with the best. If one of the bids do not work for you, you may decline each bid and with your permission, we will re-open the project and request new bids.

Feeling stuck creating a bespoke project? We can help.

You will get a real person on the phone who is eager to assist you with your bespoke project from initiation to completion. Call us.