Compliance Process

Compliance is integral to your workflow, so it’s integral to ours too.

Differentiated Research works directly with your compliance officers to review and implement the best plan for evaluating new research providers.

We have robust policies and proprietary processes in place to create a fully compliant environment.



Authenticating research providers

Differentiated Research takes significant time to understand each research provider’s unique capabilities.  A significant part of this understanding is derived from the extensive due diligence questionnaire all research providers must complete and attest to before they are placed on the Differentiated Research platform.

We review the completeness of this questionnaire and make it readily available to your compliance team. In addition, all research providers are required to accept our binding terms and conditions that comprehensively underscore their compliance and legal obligations.

You will see a clear sign of whether a research provider has been internally cleared with your own compliance department; and if they have not, we will work alongside your compliance team during the evaluation process.

Custom account settings

To further enhance internal compliance requirements, Differentiated Research provides custom solutions that protect you.

For example, we may prohibit providers from submitting a bid if they are pending internal approval.

In addition, compliance officers may request to receive bids submitted by research providers in real-time.


We will conduct standard quarterly meetings to highlight any new events and stay ahead of requirements, but we welcome communication with compliance officers at any time!

Additional compliance support

We work with companies such as P2P Compliance to help support our compliance efforts.