Bespoke Bidding

Welcome to Your New Bespoke Bidding Platform.

Find the Best Resources for the Best Value.

Your Proposals Deserve the Most Qualified Research Providers.

Would you visit a pediatrician to treat your migraines, or would you prefer a specialized neurologist?

Why trust your differentiated research to just any investment industry provider? You need an investment research bidding solution where you can do comparison shopping to ensure your specialized question gets an answer built in-house by a specialized bespoke provider.

What does this mean for you?

By employing methods of AI technology, Differentiated Research acts as the matchmaker between asset managers and providers, which means you meet the most qualified investment research providers to answer your specific research questions.

A Network of the Brightest Providers, an Anonymous Bidding Auction.

Would you prefer to keep your team’s defense strategy secret or would you post it on the web?

Why provide your company name and AUM before you decide to commit? Through our discreet platform, you remain anonymous while you shop and compare bids from investment research providers. Once you pick an investment research provider, the rest is up to you and the provider. That’s right. You may agree on specifics of the project independently, outside of our platform.

What’s the best part?

By subscribing to Differentiated Research’s bespoke bidding platform, you can place an unlimited number of proposals throughout your subscription.  You can expect to find answers to questions on valuations, forecasts, industry dynamics, subscriptions, and much more. The possibilities are endless, and you can decide!

Say Goodbye to Standard Research. Say Hello to Your Customized Response.

Why settle for good enough when you need top quality? Join a straight-forward, exclusive bidding platform where your differentiated research proposals are met with the most qualified investment research provider to answer your specific question.

What’s the bottom line?

Our exclusive platform connects asset managers to the most progressive, specialized investment research providers. Don’t settle for standard research alone, when you can have exclusive insight from your choosing of a top-notch, specialized differentiated research provider.