HOUSTON, Sept. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Differentiated Research, a revolutionary investment research platform, announces its entrance to the sector with its game-changing method that enables Portfolio Managers to anonymously set their own price for investment research in an auction environment.  The platform is the simplest way to unbundle research budgets.


“We see investors losing faith in the US Stock market but, the real issue is that investors are losing faith in investment research.” -Tai Docarmo, Founder | CEO of Differentiated Research


Founded in 2016, Differentiated Research is a fintech, cloud-based startup that brings a timely solution to a fragmented industry being shaken up by regulatory rules like MIFID II.  The rule, which currently covers Europe, requires the unbundling of research payments and has the potential to globally impact the industry.


“98% of investment research currently received by most Portfolio Managers is subscription-based.  In today’s markets, Portfolio Managers are looking for deeper perspectives.  Differentiated Research is opening the door to that opportunity.”  -Tai Docarmo, Founder | CEO of Differentiated Research


Features of the platform include:

  • Portfolio Managers anonymously set prices for research. Because pricing and other terms are agreed upon prior to disclosure, extraordinary cost savings occur, particularly at larger funds
  • A full value chain is created where research budgets are allocated to the best research provider
  • Portfolio Managers save time by communicating only with research providers they choose


Differentiated Research launched its website this past summer.  The company is working with over 20 well-known research providers to clear their strict compliance evaluation and is buzzing with inquiries from Portfolio Managers, eager to leverage their purchasing power options in an industry which until now, had none.


If you would like more information, please visit differentiatedresearch.com or email at hello@differentiatedresearch.com.