My role in the investment research industry offers me the unique vantage point of being a bridge between asset managers and research providers.  As such, I’ve noticed an overarching theme…


Investment research providers are standing at-the-ready to give optimum service.


However, some asset managers are unaware that it involves a process.  One, that if incorporated in your investment workflow, will enable you to reap the rewards, all without spending more.


Asset managers often say to me…

It would be great if my research providers knew exactly what I needed and when  

Indeed, it would be fantastic to receive that level of service. Better yet, it is possible.


Receiving optimal service is a two-way street.  If you can spare a few minutes – and some transparency – you will find that research providers will help you cut through the noise and only present ideas worth your time.  This is why our bespoke bidding platform works so well.  We make it easy for asset managers to receive research and ideas that they’ve specifically asked for.


So what’s the process?


I’ll share 5 steps below.  Bear in mind, this list is not exhaustive.


  1. Educate

Inform your investment research providers of your strategy, long-term goals are and where you see your business going.  You might take it a step further and create a 1-pager.


  1. Provide an interest list

It’s ok to share a clean list of tickers.  It will not reveal your position or secret sauce.  It is a simple guide that helps investment research providers minimize the noise.

Also, share the types of research and meetings you value most.


  1. Keep your corporate access meetings

You may not see the effect of this but, last-minute cancelations are a HUGE pain point for investment research providers.  If canceling is unavoidable, you can mitigate the issue by:

  • Letting your salesperson know ASAP
  • Send someone in your place
  • Send a personal note directly to the corporate if no one can cover your meeting. This shows you value their time.


  1. Learn about your investment research provider’s business

What are their strengths?  What is their competitive edge?  Ie. Do they have good insights to central banks?  Are they stronger in names outside of the US?

We believe knowing your investment research provider is key to optimizing research.  We align ourselves with this belief through our product.


  1. Be a resource

Sure, you are paying for services but, relationships are reciprocal.  If there is a way you can be a resource to your research provider, you should consider it.  Speaking on a panel is an example.


Overall, think of your investment research providers as partners.  The more they know about you and what you are looking for, the better your service will be.

May the force be with you.