5 Surprising Tips for Better Corporate Access Meetings

As you get deeper into conference season, you might care to know how maximize your corporate access meetings.

First, be aware that corporate access is limited.

If you have an opportunity to meet with management, you have to make it count.

I don’t mean plowing through your questions and ‘getting it all in.’  Resist the urge.  Check out some of these tips that will make you more memorable and thus, lead to better corporate access meetings.


  1. Don’t watch the clock for the first 2 minutes


Meetings with management can be like speed dating.  Especially, if you have a 15-minute slot at a conference.  You might be tempted to do this but, do NOT watch the clock during your first 2 minutes of interaction.  Instead…be human.


  1. Thank them for their time


Did I mention that corporate access is a limited resource?  Thanking them for their time indicates a level of respect and appreciation for the opportunity in front of you.


  1. Introduce yourself and your firm


Bring up something to help solidify you in their memory (ie. share your favorite hobby and ask for theirs).  Give them 2-3 bullets on your firm.  They will appreciate knowing with whom they are speaking with.  At this point, you are no longer just another face.


  1. Tell them why you are there


Even if your plan is to check the boxes against what you have in your model, management might be more open to oblige you at this point.


  1. Send a ‘thank-you’ note post meeting


If management has been particularly helpful, this small initiative could be the deciding factor that gets you a seat at the next roadshow.  Suggestions of what to include in your note are:

  • Thank them again for their time
  • Remind them of your hobby (or other personal conversation)
  • Offer yourself as a resource for questions on the market that you could (legally) help them address
  • Tell them you look forward to meeting them in the future


The result of good management meetings are new ideas, avenues of exploration, and better bespoke research ideas.  May the force be with you this conference season.