Custom Research.



Custom Research.

Better Providers.

More Profitability.

A Fair Marketplace for Investment Research

For Asset Managers

  • Think outside the box. Get quick access to the best alternative investment research providers in the market.
  • Work discreetly. Our bespoke bidding process lets you anonymously send projects to market and evaluate bids prior to engagement.
  • Beyond the basics. Standard broker research is not enough! You need a new way to make decisions that goes further than the fundamentals.

For Providers

  • Use your edge. What makes your company unique? Win business efficiently to work with clients who want what you’ve got.
  • Stand out from the crowd. We vet providers through an extensive process. Once you’re accepted, they’ll know you’re one of the best.

How it Works

Step 1

Create a profile and select subscription level

Step 2

Submit a bespoke project

Step 3

Receive responses

Step 4

Connect with the provider of your choice


As the financial industry continues to shift, your targeted questions might not be covered in your standard research flow. Join today and be a part of the future of investment research.


A straight-forward, intuitive and supportive platform to discreetly submit your requests and receive responses from research, market data and technology providers.

Is This Solution For You?

In these unpredictable markets, the need for bespoke research is stronger now more than ever before.  Our simple platform empowers you to navigate the best possible providers for your bespoke projects while giving you back your time, privacy and right to choose.

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Finally…a revolutionary platform that provides a roadmap as to HOW you can service clients on a bespoke level.

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Have a great bespoke product?  Are you struggling to market it to asset managers?  Let us get to know you.  We can potentially help you by offering a fair market environment in which to showcase your edge.

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Market data and analytics provide valuable insight to asset managers and is the wave of the future.  Asset managers could benefit from your specialization through this platform.

If market data & data analytics is your specialty, we would like to get to know you.

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Keeping research and data properly stored, filed and secure can present a challenge for some asset managers.

If you would like to help asset managers alleviate this pain by offering your services through this platform, please reach out for your FREE evaluation.

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